Buzz Cut – $15

Same number clipper guard all over with no scissors and no fades.

Haircut – $20

Regular haircut with clippers and scissors, with no zero fades.

Scissors Cut Allover – $20

Regular haircut only using Scissors.

Kids Cut – $20

Regular kids haircut with clippers and scissors, with no zero fades.

Fades – $23

Skin, Zero fades with clippers and scissors.  

Hair Restyle – $25

Long hair restyle using clippers and scissors.

Beard Trim – $10

Beard trim and lineup with clippers.

Beard Style Trim- $25

Beard trim with hot towel and straight razor. 

Face Shave – $30

Face clean shave with hot towel and straight razor.

Head Shave – $30

Head clean shave with hot towel and straight razor

Haircut & Beard Trim – $30

Regular haircut and beard trim clippers. 


Girls Cut (Kids) – $25

Only Kids Haircut with no blowdry.

Girls Haircut  – $35

Girls Under 14 Haircut with blowdry.

Short Haircut – $35

Ladies Short Haircut with blowdry. 

Extra Long Haircut- $55

Extra long haircut with blowdry.

Long Haircut – $45

Long Haircut with blowdry.

Due to unavilability of time, booking for ladies services is not available on Saturdays.


How Do I Book Appointment ?

You can book appointment by clicking on the book appointment button on the top of the website. 

Can I come on weekends ?

Yes we are open in weekends as well. However, we close on Tuesday. 

What are the wait times?

Usually you can come  5 minute before your appointment time. Our goal is to attend to you on a timely manner and will do our best to make you wait as less as possible. 

Do you accomodate special needs people? 

Yes you are always welcome to get our services. We cater to everyone with any kinds of needs as much as our resources allows to. You can contact us on phone for further enquiries.

Can I just do a walk in?

We always try to accommodate any walk ins, however it is not always possible as it would not be fair to those who make appointments. Please make appointments before coming in if possible or call us to enquire about wait times.

What is your cancellation policy. 

You can cancel the appointment up to 2 hours before your appointment times. Please call us and let us know of cancellation. 

I cannot attend and its too late?

Even if you do not attend your appointment you will still be charged, as the time slots have been booked for you. We are always here to help you in case of any unforseen circumstances, please give us a call as quickly as possible.


Please get in touch with our barbers and they will be able to help you with this. Please let us know the frequency you want to set.